Between colours, passion and cartoons 

Since I was very little the world of tattooing fascinated me, I used to look with admiration all those who had something imprinted on their skin.

My crazy will of getting tattooed pushed me to tattoo my self when I was 12 using needles and Indian ink. I started tattooing at the age of 16 pushed by some friends who believed in my potential and who thought that tattooing would have been my job since I was drawing all the time. One day one of them called me and said:” I just bought a tattoo machine and all the material, come over at my place and tattoo me”, I was terrified. I had absolutely no clue on how to tattoo but despite the fear I took courage and I went.

It’s been love since then.

Thanks to my studies I’ve been able to create my style. I went to an art high school, then I attended a master in advertising graphic and last but not least I attended a master at MITA Udine, I’ll always be grateful to this last school for all the knowledge it gave me. Here I learnt all I know about tattooing and I started a path that led me to understand what I really like: COLOUR.

I don’t consider myself as part of a specific style or category because I like experimenting and testing my abilities between cartoon, new school and neotraditional. I don’t hide the fact that I also like doing some realistic work. 

Every tattoo of mine is unique, in fact during the designing phase I like to find some time to dedicate to those who trust me, to be able to know the client better, what pushed them to  trust me, I like hearing the story and the reason why they want to get tattooed. Thanks to this every tattoo will have his identity and his history. 

My goal is to always learn more and to never stop, because tattooing is love and it’s a lifestyle.